To exploit means to manage the resources available in an intelligent manner. People who have worked with CVG will testify to our commitment to the past and to local culture, and to our regard for the legacy of our activities, a legacy with which we live in our immediate surroundings.

We at CVG believe that land is one of the main assets of any tourist destination, whereby the respectful use of the land occurs due to the fact we are capable of taking full advantage of the situation with the greatest respect for our surroundings, the same our potential customers strive for, after all, this is our livelihood.

Our activity includes the exploitation of tourist facilities, accommodation, leisure and entertainment, with a focus on whoever visits us. We are aware of the need to provide quality products and services which attract more demanding tourists with greater purchasing power. Our location makes us one of the major and most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and this is a factor which helps us achieve our aspirations.

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