Our most recent history makes us at most experts, and at least connoisseurs, in matters related to tourism. Sharing experience and taking advantage of what we have learned in previous projects means implementing all the knowledge acquired at the same time, place and circumstances.

This know-how is one of the assets of the professionals from our community, "tourism experts", and is one of the proposals comprising what we have to offer. We at CVG are capable of dealing with one of the main concerns of many owners of exclusive establishments, generally smaller in size but greater in independence.

Management is a formula by means of which owners preserve their assets. Operators resort to their brand and workers know their jobs are guaranteed. Management explains the commitment to achieve, or at least pursue, objectives by means of the exploitation of the resources of a third party, while using a formula which guarantees the income from the property and strives for an improvement in results thanks to the greater weight enjoyed as a chain of establishments.

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