A palpable and tangible result of our activity is the creation of high-value real estate assets. Our main goal is consolidated with each new construction project, from exclusive villas to luxury tourist complexes.

One of our main premises is to invest in projects with the potential to increase in value. We can affirm that what we achieve is the provision of sustainable infrastructure and properties which respect the surroundings, promote the land, and generate opportunities for members of the local community.

The best real estate assets are those which increase in value over time. We at CVG invest in projects in which we recognise a business opportunity, while respecting local development, whereby acknowledgment of our brand will grow.

The location, surroundings, design, style, quality, comfort… there are many factors which define and transmit the value of the properties we build. Our vision enables us to invest in factors the general public will quickly perceive, appreciate and place value on.

CVG´s main assets are its managers, employees, facilities, but above all the value of an acknowledged and highly valued brand which is capable of gaining the trust of investors and guaranteeing the investment of potential buyers.

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