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Mr Arbitrium, pays homage to hospitality at Cap Vermell Grand Hotel

Representing the values of perseverance, resilience and strength the masterpriece is itself a tribute to the hotel industry in the Balearic Islands

"When I saw this masterpiece form Emanuele Giannelli it connected to me with the idea of how difficult we have been suffering during the covid pandemic in the hospitality industry." Explains Toni Mir, CEO of Cap Vermell Group. "I wanted to take Mr Arbitrium to Cap Vermell Grand Hotel to remind to the employees, our suppliers and to all businessman in the hotel industry that we have been moving forward all together", remarks Mir.

"With this work of art, we want look beyond people’s mind, we want to reach their hearts and above all stimulate the curiosity and interpretation of everyone who sees it." The aim, he concludes, "is to follow the path of the language of the artist himself who intends, with all his works, to provoke, move and even overwhelm the observer", adds Mir.

For the artist, Emanuele Gianelli, "Mr Arbitrium sustains our history, culture and tradition" as the sculpture moves through the most important cities of Italy, his native country, sustaining the most emblematic historical buildings. "At Cap Vermell Grand Hotel represents a man who supports entrepreneurship, it is itself a symbol that believes in entrepreneurship and work", adds the artist.

"Mr Arbitrium", which has been created especially by the artist for the Cap Vermell Grand Hotel, is the unique piece of art of Gianelli in Spain and is one more example of passion and love for art adopted by the Cap Vermell Group, as in its desire to bring art and culture to visitors and guests offers a wide collection of local, Spanish and international artists. The sculpture also represents the values wholeheartedly ??shared in their day-to-day by everyone that forms part of such as humility commitment, self-improvement, perseverance, and passion.

Discover the private collection of art of Cap Vermell Grand Hotel through virtual tour.

Cap Vermell


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