Teams sponsored by Cap Vermell


CVG has been sponsoring Club Esportiu Xelska since 2011, the only Olympic sport club in the Balearic Islands which is Spanish champion in the top category. The club has achieved a milestone by winning the Spanish championship 6 times in the top category in an almost consecutive manner. No other Spanish artistic gymnastics club has ever registered so many triumphs. 

The feats of this Majorca-based club have led to an international prestige which has resulted in its gymnasts participating in the Italian and German leagues, in addition to conducting several tours in the USA. The club´s plans are now focused on sending representatives to the 2016, 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games. 

The club boasts a men´s division as well as the women´s division, and places a major focus on the youth categories with a view to producing fine home-grown gymnasts. 

Club Esportiu Xelska´s achievements are based on two cornerstones: exemplary planning and management within top-level sport. The quest for funds has resulted in the club working with different sponsors, including the Cap Vermell Group.


Here you have a photograph of the members of the team sponsored by CVIG which participated in #UltraMallorca2015. We give you Josep Roca Massanet, Antoni Viver Pascual, Pedro Garcías Roig, José Miguel Pérez Segura, Jaime Perelló Serra, and Gabriel Siquier Pérez.


Club Aigua Esport Artà was founded in 1998 and is the only swimming club in the Llevant region. It has swimmers in all categories, from beginners to masters, with nearly 50 licenses. It participates in all the competitions organised in Mallorca, leagues, federation controls, trophies, and the Baleares Championship. In 2015 its most noteworthy results were the seven medals it won in the Baleares Championship 2 in the absolute category, the five in the children's category, and the participation of Atalia Prat in the summer Spanish Children's Championship in Sabadell.


The Club Rugby Escolar was founded on the 1st of August, 2015, when three young men came up with the idea of bringing the sport with the oval ball they loved so much to the municipality of Capdepera.It was difficult at first, as it was a new sport and practically unknown to the people of the town but, little by little, it has grown to the point that today it has two complete categories, men's seniors and women, and various children's categories for ages 6 to 14.

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