A group of buildings located in Canyamel valley. A 20-hectare plot (49 acres) has been split up to form a low-density residential development and to ensure the peace and quiet and exclusivity of the residents. Authorisation has been granted for the construction of 50 luxury villas.

This enclave will be home to the future Hotel Park Hyatt Mallorca, a 5-star resort hotel featuring 142 rooms located in 5 hectares of grounds. This luxury complex will feature a Country Club located in another area of the resort, designed for the exclusive use of residents and guests of the hotel.

The complex is situated in an unspoiled area in the northeast of the island close to Arta and Capdepera. We want all owners, visitors and guests of the hotel to enjoy a first-rate service and peace and quiet in a protected area of great natural beauty. Furthermore, the Cap Vermell Beach Hotel, with views of Canyamel beach, will provide you with a sample of the warm hospitality you will be given at the complex, while the construction of the same is underway. We hope to be able to welcome you in the near future.

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