Cap Vermell Group, siguiendo una decidida política de responsabilidad social corporativa, ha creado una ensalada solidaria, la ensalada "Cap Vermell" que se incluye desde el mes de abril de 2017 en las cartas de sus restaurantes Vintage 1934, ubicado en Cap Vermell Beach Hotel y Hedonist, en Cap Vermell Country Club. Una ensalada saludable y apetitosa, creación de nuestro chef Fernando Palomino para este fin solidario.

El 50 por ciento del precio de venta del plato se destinará a proyectos de la asociación Projecte Home Balears.

Otra muestra del compromiso de Cap Vermell Group con Projecte Home Balears es la reciente donación de toda la recaudación conseguida (2.500€) en el I Cap Vermell Open celebrado en la isla de Mallorca el pasado mes de abril de 2017.  



Capdepera has had a branch of the Escuela de Hosteleria (School of Hospitality) since XX. This school was commissioned with the aim of promoting training and enhanced professional qualification in the northeastern region of Majorca as a means of improving the services and customer service provided by the region´s tourist industry.
It was opened thanks to the joints efforts of the Balearic Islands School of Hospitality (EHIB), SOIB, the Capdepera Town Council, the Hotel Federation of Majorca (FEHM) and the entity Cap Vermell Hotel S.L.U.

Public-private initiatives have been the key to providing competitive quality training. The Capdepera branch of the Balearic Islands School of Hospitality (EHIB), in close partnership with SOIB, offers training courses geared to the unemployed.

As such, the Capdepera Town Council has granted the Balearic Islands School of Hospitality (EHIB) different facilities in the Cala Rajada Cap Vermell centre, where the EHIB delegation has set up its office and from where the training activities comprising the program are conducted.
Cap Vermell Hotel S.L.U. is in charge of providing all the equipment required to guarantee the training modules are administered correctly.

In turn, the Hotel Federation contributes to the promotion and disclosure of these courses for attracting students, and is the entity entrusted with selecting the establishments at which the practical modules are held (mandatory for obtaining the professional course certificate).

The Balearic Islands School of Hospitality (EHIB) was created in 1995 by the Government and University of the Balearic Islands. Its purpose is to train future qualified professionals in the fields of tourism and hospitality. One of the school´s main goals is the provision of comprehensive first-rate training in partnership with SOIB, as a means of promoting the generation of employment. A task which has now been concluded thanks to the branch opened in Capdepera.


Cap Vermell Estate has been participating in enhancing the training of young people from Capdepera by means of an agreement entered into between Capdepera Town Council and 5 companies. Under this agreement 15 students from the town receive € 1,200 to study at university.

The granting of these scholarships has resulted in Cap Vermell Estate investing € 100,000 in human capital in the town, in a clear effort to promote vocational and academic training as an option for the future.

This activity is an offshoot of the major economic investment in the municipality involving the construction of the Hotel Park Hyatt Mallorca in Canyamel. An initiative which illustrates the benefits, which are not just economic, the opening of this hotel in the region will involve. The execution of this agreement is an example of the multi-faceted nature of this project which ensures enhanced training for young people from Capdepera, a municipality in which a branch of the School of Hospitality was opened last year.

The partners in this initiative are: Cap Vermell Estate, GrupSTeh, Predi Son Jaumell, Electro Hidráulica Llevant  and Asociación Hotelera y de Servicios Calas de Capdepera.


Grupo Cap Vermell has been participating in the different scopes of the Home Balears Project since 2011. 
Both corporations entered into an agreement with the Fundació la Caixa employment inclusion program “Incorpora”, whereby two people from the Home Project were hired by CVIG companies.

In turn, the Cap Vermell Group hired the cleaning and pine tree pruning services of Nova Natura. This is a Hombre Project employment inclusion program which provides users who have concluded their training process and need to join the labour market. The benefits obtained in relation to this program are reinvested in human resources.

Moreover, CVIG organises an annual summer beneficiary concert in Canyamel Tower, from which the money raised is allocated to the new Home Project headquarters, which benefits over 2,000 drug addicts and their families every year. Famed performers such as Pitingo and Ainhoa Arteta have played at these concerts, the latter of which was attended by her Majesty Queen Sofia. 

Finally, CVIG participates in the annual beneficiary gala dinner held at the Son Mir estate in aid of the Jove Project. This program meets the needs of children and youths with drug addiction problems. The money raised is allocated to the treatment of these young people and to prevention work.

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