CVG owns villas built around the future Park Hyatt Mallorca. This is a luxury residential complex comprising 12 single-family dwellings with a pool. The complex lies 5 minutes away from Canyamel beach in unique surrounding featuring magnificent landscapes, romantic coves and fine white sandy beaches, in one of the quietest regions in Majorca.

There are 9 residences currently on sale, all of which are spacious, of the highest quality, and sport magnificent views. Without any doubt whatsoever, a place everyone would want to live in.

These villas are located on the so-called “Cap Vermell Estate”, an area of some 20 hectares (49 acres) with views of Canyamel valley. The land has been split up into areas to guarantee a low-density residential development and to ensure the peace and quiet and comfort of the owners.

The Hotel Park Hyatt Mallorca is located in an area adjacent to the villas. A 5-star resort hotel with 142 rooms built on a 5-hectare plot of land. The hotel and the Cap Vermell Country Club, located in another part of the complex, form the cornerstones of this luxury undertaking.

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