Cap Vermell


Prix Versailles Award

Cap Vermell Grand Hotel: Elegance and Sustainability Recognized by UNESCO

The Prix Versailles Award is a prestigious international accolade that recognizes excellence in architectural design and interior design of commercial establishments worldwide. This award is presented by UNESCO in collaboration with the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the International Union of Designers (IUD), highlighting projects that achieve exceptional harmony between architecture, interior design, and the environment. The Prix Versailles Award not only celebrates the aesthetics and functionality of commercial spaces but also emphasizes the importance of harmony with the surroundings, cultural preservation, and a commitment to sustainability, becoming a key benchmark in the world of architecture and design. It is an honor for Cap Vermell Grand Hotel to have been awarded the prestigious Prix Versailles Award. This accolade is not only a recognition for the hotel but also a cause for celebration for the island of Mallorca and all lovers of architecture and design.

A Recognition of Elegance and Sustainability

On the idyllic island of Mallorca, Cap Vermell Grand Hotel has solidified its position as a benchmark for avant-garde design and sustainable commitment from day one. Beyond offering an exceptional accommodation experience, our luxury hotel has achieved a harmonious fusion between the natural beauty that surrounds us and contemporary architecture that captivates.

The Distinctive Prix Versailles Award: Celebrating Aesthetic and Sustainable Harmony

We are proud to share the exciting news that Cap Vermell Grand Hotel has been honored with the prestigious Prix Versailles Award, bestowed by UNESCO and the International Union of Architects (UIA). This award celebrates projects that stand out for their aesthetics, functionality, and commitment to sustainability, and Cap Vermell stands out as an exceptional example of how architectural design can seamlessly merge with nature, providing our visitors with a unique and environmentally respectful experience.

Innovation and Tradition Merged: The Unmistakable Seal of Cap Vermell

The Prix Versailles Award jury has enthusiastically recognized Cap Vermell Grand Hotel's ability to integrate architectural innovation with elements of rich Mallorcan tradition. In every corner of our hotel, local cultural influence manifests, from the choice of materials to the careful integration of indigenous artistic elements.

In our rooms, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality are reflected in an interior design that captures contemporary elegance without losing connection with the region's rich cultural heritage. Our common spaces, such as restaurants and recreational areas, have been carefully designed to offer a unique experience that combines luxury and authenticity.

Environmental Commitment: Beyond Exceptional Design

Beyond our exceptional design, at Cap Vermell Grand Hotel, we take pride in our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. From implementing eco-friendly practices to integrating green technologies, we have worked tirelessly to minimize our impact on the environment. This sustainable approach has not only been recognized by the Prix Versailles Award but also resonates with the growing environmental awareness of modern travelers.

Celebrating Success and Looking to the Future

This achievement is not only a milestone for Cap Vermell Grand Hotel but also a cause for celebration for the beautiful island of Mallorca and the hotel industry as a whole. The Prix Versailles Award highlights the importance of integrating architectural aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability to create exceptional experiences. As we celebrate this success, we also look to the future with the hope that more establishments follow our example, embracing conscious and sustainable architecture. 

Cap Vermell