Cap Vermell


The mild climate and the features of the terrain in the northeast of Majorca make it a great place for many outdoor sports.

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The combination of coast and mountain create the perfect destination for anyone who is passionate about walking or running. There are multiple excursions and routes to follow where you can enjoy outdoor sport and the zone’s coastal landscapes. Some of the most noteworthy are that which goes from Cala Mesquida to Cala Agulla, where you pass through dunes and reach the Coll de Marina pinewood; that which begins in Capdepera and passes through Na Maians, the Molí Vell, the Sa Farinera Torrent, Can Planetes and Son Febrer; or that which goes to the Platges Verges del Parc de Llevant from Cala Torta.


Similarly, the narrow and winding roads and pathways that are dotted across the entire Cap Vermell zone are perfect for fans of cycling.


Majorca is a leading destination for this type of specialised tourism as it offers a broad variety of routes, perfect weather conditions throughout almost the entire year, and well-established infrastructures. This island has everything: spectacular landscapes of sea and mountain and the best roads for enjoying your favourite sport.


At the Cap Vermell destination, in the northeast of Majorca, there is a variety of excellent routes to cycle on and view the stunning surroundings. For the more hardy, there is the one that climbs from Cap Vermell Country Club to the Puig de Sant Salvador, covering 137 kilometres with an elevation gain of 1,804 metres; or the one going from the sports centre towards Cala Agulla and Cala Mesquida. This is a route of medium difficulty covering almost 55 kilometres with an elevation gain of 600 metres.


For those who specialise in mountain bike cycling, there is the route that joins Canyamel with Sa Duaia de Baix, covering 32.84 kilometres with an elevation gain of 366 metres.


And the Mediterranean, tranquil and warm, allows for sports such as paddleboarding, windsurfing and canoeing to be enjoyed throughout almost the entire year.


Furthermore, the strategic siting of four different golf course within less than a ten-mile radius attract players from across the world.