This is where your love story begins with Cap Vermell, a magical destination located on the calm island of Mallorca. It's a relationship that promises to belong-lasting, intense, unforgettable and surprising. You'll fall in love with Cap Vermell through your eyes with the exceptional surroundings and unique sea and mountain landscapes; through the tastes and smells after trying and enjoying its varied gastronomic offering, which is rich in nuances, creativity, flavours and textures; through your ears as the sounds wrap you in peace and tranquillity; and through touch with unique sensations and stimulants that will stay in your mind forever. #aworldofsensations



All long-lasting love stories are gently cooked over a low heat, chapter by chapter. Small happy moments that remain forever on your retina and in your mind.

18.02.2019 Mediterranean sunsets #MediterraneanSunsets

A yacht ploughs through the sea towards Canyamel beach. A jet ski speeds off from the stern.Riding it is Noah, who is unknowingly headed full speed towards his destination, Mia. She's walking along the beach in a relaxed mood. She seems him coming... good-looking, athletic, mysterious. Their look at each other with complete attraction. She watches him move away quickly. He walks around the top of Cap Vermell Beach Hotel as light as a bird. That hotel brings back happy memories of her summers at Cap Vermell: evenings on the terrace observing the immenseness of the Mediterranean, cocktails accompanied by one-of-a-kind sunsets, delicious family dinners at Vintage 1934, one of the best restaurants in the area in her opinion.... But, who could he be?, Mia wonders as she comes back to reality.

11.03.2019 Lifestyle #Lifestyle

Mia leaves Cap Vermell Estate, her summer getaway for 5 years now, and heads to Cap Vermell Country Club, her favourite sports centre on the island. The sun is shining and the temperature is quite pleasant. She's a bit distracted, thinking about the mysterious man she had crossed paths with on the beach. I'll swim in the semi-Olympic pool, I'll eat something healthy and delicious at the Hedonist Club and then I'll lie down for a while on the Bali beds, she decides, as there's nothing better after doing sport than relaxing in the sun and cooling down in the outdoor pool. Upon arriving, there was a strange movement on the roof, something high up... It's him. All nerves and excitement within. Noa and Mia come across each other on the club's terrace. An accidental yet unavoidable meeting. They can't help but talk.They observe each other's eyes, they like each other, they're attracted to each other and exchange phones numbers to be able to get in touch. The spark had been lit.

18.03.2019 Oasis of relaxation #Oasisofrelaxation

Relaxation, peace, harmony, balance. Disconnection and positive energy are in the air at Serenitas Spa. It's been a long-standing tradition for Mia and her family to begin their summer holidays there. A must-do, it's their way to start off their shared leisure time with their batteries charged and a physical feeling of complete relaxation. Their visits are spent getting massages, facial and body treatments and undergoing unique beauty rituals. Noah and Mia have also been loyal clients ever since she invited him to enjoy this exclusive oasis of serenity and pleasant solitude at Cap Vermell Grand Hotel. Whenever they can and need to, they allow themselves to be carried away by the masseuses' expert hands. The energy they feel up on leaving is indescribable. You just have to experience it for yourself.

09.04.2019 Unique homes #Uniquehomes

The villa of Cap Vermell Estate is their refuge on the island. That's how Mia feels. An oasis of peace and quiet where you can enjoy the sun, the exclusive landscapes typical of the northeast of the island and the sea practically all year round. It's a treasure her parents discovered years ago upon their first trip to Mallorca they just couldn't resist. They've spent the best summers of their lives there and it's where they're preparing for their most special day - their wedding.Noah secretly and unnoticeably enjoys it his own way from up high, the place where he prefers to be. He sees it all differently from there. He feels free and light, he feels happy and so close to Mia.

08.05.2019 Gastronomy that will seduce you #DeliciousCuisine

Noah and Mia were absolutely sure. They met and fell in love in Cap Vermell and that's where they were going to celebrate and share their profound love with all those they cherish. The landscape is unique; the gastronomy is exclusive and delicious; and the climate, unbeatable.The wedding just had to be perfect, so they left it all up to the best. Cap Vermell Grand Hotel was the ideal setting, a place they knew well: an exclusive, surprising cuisine, impeccable service, spectacular facilities, a blue sky and, in the background, the Mediterranean... A little corner of the island where magic simply flows.

15.05.2019 Magical Celebrations #MagicalCelebrations

And the big day had finally come. Noah and Mia, Mia and Noah promising each other eternal love.In the best of settings - the exclusive Cap Vermell Grand Hotell. Destination Cap Vermell, the place that had brought them together. The beauty of the landscapes and spectacular surroundings and facilities make it a magical time. Everything's ready: the bride and groom are dressed, the tables are decorated, the best of Mediterranean gastronomy is slowing cooking, the bridesmaids have arrived... a fairy-tale wedding sealed with a dance for two. The spectacular Ballroom is all spruced up with romanticism just for them. No one and nothing else exists. The music flows. Anything's possible at Cap Vermell.

Help us to share the best destination in the world. #LoveCapVermell


Theirs was love at first sight yet their story has cooked over low heat.

Noah and Mia are young, passionate go-getters who are full of life.

Two soulmates predestined to cross paths on Mallorca. And that's exactly what happened.

The exclusive atmosphere of destination Cap Vermell united them forever.That's where they first saw each other, liked each other, fell in love and, of course, promised eternal love.

Their eyes met on a certain 6 August on the Canyamel beach, the place whereMia had been spending her summer holidays for several years ever since her parents visited it for the first time and became enthralled by the tranquillity and unique landscapes and decided to treat themselves to this lovely villa at Cap Vermell Estate. It was also a pilgrimage site for Noah, who has always loved travelling, nautical sports and new and surprising experiences.

Seeking to exercise their body and spirit, the Cap Vermell Country Club was the place where they exchanged their first words.

The magic could be felt right away. After several carefully-worded subtle messages and studied silence came their first sunset together in a unique corner of the island, the so very special, secluded and romantic Cap Vermell Beach Hotel pier. It was a night to remember that ended in a delicious dinner fo two at Vintage 1934, with the muttering of the sea in the background. The spark of love flared just like that, inevitably.

Ever since then, Noah and Mia have been one. Hundreds of dates came after that first one: breakfasts at Balearic, lunches and dinners at the best restaurants in the area like Vintage 1934, Tapas, Cafè sa Plaça and Asia; walks along the beach, sunsets, swimming and running, visits to Serenitas Spa, horseback riding, weekends under blankets... Any excuse would work. There were all sorts of perfect reasons to be together.

And always with Cap Vermell as the backdrop. It's a place where anything's possible and it marked their destiny and their lives.

Their "I do" came after two lovely intense years. A unique proposal in a very special place for both of them, the pier...their pier... that magical little place that had witnessed the start of their love.

Their fairy tale ended in a wedding like no other with the exclusive Cap Vermell Grand Hotel as the setting against the extensive green Canyamel valley and the Mediterranean. Cap Vermell has played an essential role in their love story and it could mark your path and change it forever too...

Do you believe in destiny?


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