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What is a cookie? Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are sent to and installed on the hard drive of the user’s computer via their web browser, to collect anonymous information for different purposes.


Some cookies are controlled and managed by the website owner, which are called “first-party cookies”, and others are controlled and managed by third parties, called “third-party cookies”.


Then there are “session cookies” that are automatically deleted or cancelled when you terminate your browsing session on the website, and “persistent cookies” that remain installed on your hard drive for a set period of time.


Cookies can also be classified depending on whether or not it is necessary to inform users about them and obtain their consent for their installation, which we will call “strictly necessary cookies” and “non-strictly necessary cookies”. The former are essential to be able to provide a service that has been explicitly requested by the user or to allow communication between the user’s computer and the internet. If the purpose of the cookie is different to this, then it will be a “non-strictly necessary cookie”.


“Non-strictly necessary cookies” that we use are statistical analysis cookies that enable us to monitor, and carry out an analysis on, user behaviour on the websites. The information collected through these types of cookies is used to measure the website, application or platform activity and to generate user browser profiles on these in order to introduce improvements in the service in line with the usage data of the user.


In more detail, these are the following


Cookie name


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This website is configured so that you can accept or reject their installation by clicking on the relevant buttons on the informative strip that appears when you enter the site. If you accept their installation, apart from those listed above, another cookie will be installed on your computer called ……………………., whose purpose is to remember that their installation has been authorised, so that the request for consent does not appear onscreen again. This specific cookie will remain stored on your computer for ……………………. After this time, the request for consent will once again appear onscreen when you return to our website. The same will happen if at any time you decide to delete the cookies stored on your computer.


Important: if you continue browsing our website without clicking the Accept or Reject button, it will be understood that you do accept the installation of the cookies, which will then take place.


Notwithstanding the above, you can configure your browser to reject or accept cookies (all or individually), or to automatically delete them when you close your browser, computer or device. You can find out how to configure cookies on the main web browsers via the following links:


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