About Cap Vermell Group

Cap Vermell Group has been committed, right from the start, to a robust corporate social responsibility policy. Its continuing commitment to society, to all its staff, to its customers and members, to its suppliers and collaborators and the environment, has become a basic pillar of its business identity

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Our values

Ethical principles govern the management and administration of the business group and it endeavours to create an optimal work environment where trust and respect prevail.


Through a set of values that have been wholeheartedly adopted by everyone that forms part of the Cap Vermell Group family, such as humility, commitment, the constant desire to improve, perseverance and passion, efforts are made on a daily basis to attain excellence in the services provided and in its assistance to customers, members and suppliers.


Similarly, Cap Vermell Group strives to achieve a fairer and more just society, with particular emphasis on the most vulnerable collectives and children. This is why it promotes a full raft of events and charitable activities to drive forward improvements in opportunities for people in special situations of risk or illness.


Cap Vermell Group actively collaborates and participates with non-profit associations and foundations that carry out most of their activity in Majorca: Projecte Home Balears, Asociación Abaimar, Fundación Rana, Càritas Mallorca, Rafa Nadal Foundation, SportMundi, Sant Joan de Déu Social Services, and others.


Meanwhile, the business group with head offices in Canyamel, also supports culture and local sport with sponsorships, art exhibitions, one-off collaborations and the organisation of specific events.